Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Unemployment - Day Three

It has been three business days since I have had any business to deal with. I have not yet had the opportunity to fully enjoy sitting on my arse enjoying day time television, but yesterday was close. (And yes I know it has only been three days and really today is day three...)

Friday was spent busily getting my Beltane things together for the ritual that night. (Which was wonderful, thanks for asking.) Yesterday I tried to stay pretty mellow. No sleeping in for me, because I had to take the kids to school, but I got a chance to finish a painting that I have been working on and I also got to enjoy a slightly altered state for a few hours all on my own.

Today I feel like I should be doing something. Yes, it has only been three days, but I am supposed to be using this time to start my new life. I should be busy, like, doing that. I feel like three days have gone by and I have already wasted so much time. (Will I ever stop being so hard on myself?)

I have some lame, mundane, crap that I need to do around the house. I wanted to empty and re-organize the file cabinet (Whoo! Watch out for excitement!) I have to work on the guest bathroom because it would be a total embarrassment if we had anyone ever come over, which we don't. Things like that....but what I really want to do is watch One Life to Live, not shower, and become a total vegetable. The problem with this is that I know myself. Once I head down the lazy path, it will hard to come back from it.

So this morning I actually went to the gym. I worked out for almost 40 minutes (YES, count them, forty minutes!). I am writing a blog and I am going to shower at some point, I promise. I made plans to have lunch with a friend on Thursday and I am getting my hair done on Friday. Saturday I am taking a ritual mask class, which should be amazingly awesome. (Wow, who am I?)

So yes, I am staring my new life.....with all the bells and whistles. Just gimmie some time to figure out what exactly that is supposed to mean, alright?

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