Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The End is Near, or why I love to read.

Que dramatic music *dun dun dahhhhh*.

I have two, yes count them two, days left here at my office before my world changes completely. There has been basically nothing for me to do here at the office since all my duties are now being performed by the companies New York office. This has prompted me to do a lot of reading.

I posted before about Jen Lancaster's books and how I really came to enjoy her (even though at first she came off as a typical snobby, self-absorbed, bitchy, trendy, American princess). Her books really gave me some good insight into some things in my ordinary world. After flying through all three of her books I made the tragic mistake of reading Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer and my world was destroyed.

The first book Twilight, is not really a shining example of good writing, but there is something so compelling and attractive about the characters that I had a hard time putting it down (so I didn't). In fact in one week I read all four of the books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. I totally alienated the people in my life for a week wanting to do nothing more than read and become totally immersed in these stories. Once I was through them all I got depressed.

So now it is three days later.....I am starting to come out of the Forks Washington induced fog and back to my world, only to discover that I am standing on the ledge of the ending of my employment (how did that sneak up on me so fast?). Of having to rediscover myself and find my place in this world. I mean, how old am I that I don't already have this figured out what my place is already?

But that is what I love, love, love about books. They have the ability to completely sweep me away from my life, to take me to far off places and exciting adventures. To show me another world, and allow me to fall in love with an angsty vampire. I only have to open a book to let go of all my worries and cares and be completely a part of the drama belonging to someone else.

How cool is that!?

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