Friday, March 9, 2012

E is for Evil, Which I Am

No this blog isn't exactly about Paganism, and yet it is.  Because, you see, I have many traits that have been considered evil. (Cue maniacal laughter.)

Back in the days of the Witch Trials and Inquisition there were specific tests that were done to determine if you were in fact E-Vil - Like the Fru-its of the Dev-il....  These tests turned into superstitions, many of which (no pun intended) continue to have energy today.

Here are some of those markers:
Weight Test - If an accused witch was weighed against a metal bound bible and was found to weight more.  She was guilty of Witchcraft.
Dark Marks - The accused would have her naked body scoured over, if any strange birthmarks were found, this was often considered a sign of her being in league with Satan.  Especially if there was a mark on the back of the neck.
Black Cats as Pets - Having a black cat was a clear sign of having a demonic familiar and therefore, being in league with the devil.
Lefty - Writing with the left hand was considered a sign of demonic possession.
Red Hair - People with red hair were considered more likely to fall prey to the devil and should not be trusted.

The reason that I am bringing this up, is because I actually fall into all of these categories above.  Yes, I weigh more than the bible.  Yes, I have several birthmarks and one on the back of my neck.  Yes, I have a black cat.  Yes, I am left handed.  Yes, I have red hair.

I don't think that it is a secret that I have rather enjoyed assigning these "evil" traits to myself.  I relish that in some circles of the world people would automatically assign me as a demonic minion.  Since discovering Witchcraft I have many times enjoyed the shock factor of telling people that I am a Witch.

I guess I am writing about this because the more that people believe in something the more power it has.  I don't believe that I am evil anymore than I believe drowning a woman will prove her innocence, but assigning this energy to myself has helped to shape who I am.  And I like the thought of people perceiving me as evil.

I find it silly, but then again, as I have already said the more people believe something the more power it has.  So does that make me evil?

These are the things I am pondering this week.


  1. I'm about half evil (my husband would say otherwise). Too bad I'm allergic to cats.